Beggars Pizza is dedicated to supporting many worthwhile efforts within the community.  Because of the large volume of requests for support and involvement, Beggars Pizza has set up specific guidelines to follow in order to properly respond to all requests.  Please read the guidelines below before submitting your Donation Request.  Thank you for your understanding.

In order to process your request we will need the following things:

  • An official letter of request on company letterhead
  • A completed contact form

Donation requests can be submitted in the following ways:

Can be mailed to:

Beggars Pizza
12949 California Ave
Blue Island, IL 60406

Attention: Donation Request

Can be faxed to:


Can be emailed to:

[email protected]

In order to be considered for a donation- requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event, as well as include both an official letter of request and a completed contact form.