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What Is Beggars Pizza?

Beggars Pizza is the food that fuels and fills your memory. What started out as a small family-owned Italian restaurant in a suburb south of Chicago, is now a community-driven pizza hot-spot that is the place to celebrate after a great report card or the perfect place to go for that first date. It is the food that warms your heart. It is the food you grew up on where teams, families and friends meet to celebrate a good life with great food.

Our meals are prepared with the finest ingredients available, tastefully seasoned in the culinary traditions of the Piedmont Province, high in the Alps of Northern Italy.

Beggars Pizza is family.

Beggars Pizza in the Community

Angelo Garetto opened the door to his first customer in 1976, on the corner of 127th and Western in Blue Island, IL. Forty-Five years later, the Garetto family continues to grow the business and serves numerous locations throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. We are committed to these communities and take pride in supporting local charities, events and youth sports. We’re proud to be run by our family and honored to be a part of yours.

Questions about donations? Learn about how Beggars Pizza supports organizations across the region

Where Franchises Are Families

It is gratifying and rewarding that many of our new stores have been opened up by our previous employees. They know what it means to be a part of the Beggar’s community.

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The Official Pizza Partner of the Chicago White Sox

Exploding scoreboards, organ music majestically sounding throughout the ballpark, crows cheering “hey-hey-goodbye,” and Beggars Pizza – – there are some things that are just part of the Sox Side. We’re thrilled to be one of them.

The (un)Official Pizza of Your Event

Whether it’s after a big win, a great report card, or just because, we’re the official pizza and family food of your best days. At Beggars, every day is memorable.

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