Alan B Shepard High School

High School District 218

is going GREEN


  • The ABS High School Biodiesel Club, is inviting everyone to come see their SOLAR-POWERED biodiesel system.


  • OPEN HOUSE: At the Crestwood Public Works building on 12/27/13 from 3pm to 4pm.


  • The CPW is located at 14040 South Kildare in Crestwood



The ABS Biodiesel Club would like you to come to see the solar powered biodiesel system they built and to learn how easy you can make biodiesel.


You can also drop off any used cooking oil.  Simply store your used cooking oil in a plastic container.  Bring the containers to the Crestwood Public Works on 12/27/13 and you can also see this amazing project built by the students.  It’s that easy!


The Biodiesel club will recycles used cooking oil and to make an ENVIRONMENTALLY GREEN FUEL called Biodiesel.  Biodiesel is inexpensive and environmentally friendly.


Some benefits from this project:

  • Increases
    • Student awareness regarding the preservation of our Land.
    • Student engagement: Provides an exciting hands-on project for students.
    • Social image: Crestwood and BS working together on an eco-friendly project.
    • Community involvement in going GREEN.
    • Decreases
      • Diesel Cost: saves the Crestwood money $$$$$
      • Air pollution: reduces CO2 emissions by as much as 70%
      • Waste oil disposal: saves Crestwood $$$$$
      • Landfill waste: students convert USED cooking oil from Beggars Pizza to biodiesel.


  • FREE Biodiesel Fuel
  • Runs any diesel operated equipment