Beggars Pizza has been bringing a delicious array of pizza and food to Chicagoland for over 30 years! From the time Angelo Garetto opened the door to his first customer in 1976, people have been enjoying Beggars Pizza.

Today, Larry and Peter Garetto (Angelo’s sons) work hard to carry on the quality name of Beggars Pizza. By providing a family-style atmosphere in their restaurants and a positive influence in the communities we serve, the name “Beggars” continues to mean something!

1976 – Location 1, Blue Island

The original Beggars Pizza restaurant opened in Blue Island, Illinois at the intersection of Western Avenue and 127th street in September of 1976. From that date forward, Angelo instilled his family values and great taste for fine food in branding the Beggars Pizza name. The original Beggars Pizza restaurant started our tradition of serving stuffed, deep-dish and thin-crust pizzas, authentic pasta meals, and scrumptious dinners.

While providing great food and a friendly dining environment are important goals in the Beggars family, Beggars Pizza management also made a commitment to be a positive member within the Blue Island business community. We have been and continue to be proud supporters of a wide range of community organizations, from softball and Little League sponsorships to donations to church functions and youth activities.

The expansion of Beggars Pizza began in 1986 with the addition of atrium seating for the Blue Island location. The success of the added dining space and the growing reputation for quality food and service prompted the addition of a second kitchen in 1989. Our customers continued to enjoy Beggars Pizza both in the restaurant and at home through pick-up and delivery service.

1986 – Location 2, Merrionette Park

To make the driving easier for customers and delivery drivers, Beggars Pizza opened another location in Merrionette Park, Illinois in 1991. The store, located at the intersection of Kedzie Avenue and 115th Street, provided customers more options for carry-out and delivery.

In 1994, another dining facility was added to our Merrionette Park location.

The Merrionette Park location has become a valued member of its community.

1993 – Location 3, Oak Lawn

The Garettos decided to expand upon the success of the Beggars Pizza name and opened a third restaurant in Oak Lawn, Illinois in 1993. The Oak Lawn store is located at the intersection of 102nd and Central Ave. It provides carry-out and delivery options as well as some restaurant seating.

1995 – Location 4, Lansing

In 1995, an opportunity in Lansing, Illinois presented itself and Beggars Pizza responded with the opening of a new location which included a large dining facility. The Lansing store is located at 3524 Ridge Road. It brings a unique atmosphere of family and fun with its multi-level seating and beautiful pipe organ. Beggars Pizza was proud to bring its family atmosphere and community presence to Lansing and has bee proudly serving the people of Lansing.

1997 – Location 5, Oak Forest

In 1997, Beggars Pizza decided to expand into Oak Forest, Illinois and open its fifth location. The Oak Forest store is located at the intersection of Cicero Avenue and 15th Street. Our Oak Forest location includes 3 banquet rooms which seat anywhere from 20 to 90 people. Beggars Pizza has been delighted to provide its wonderful pizza and complete menu of food to the residents of the Oak Forest area its surrounding business community. Through sponsoring activities such as golf outings, church fund raisers and children’s athletic activities, we have grown Oak Forest into another successful location.

2003 – Location 6, Blue Island II

The demand for Beggars Pizza continued to grow and a larger location near the original was opened in October 2002 to provide customers with a larger dining facility and banquet rooms. Our second Blue Island location is at the intersection of Kedzie Avenue and 127th Street. This store has provided a wonderful location for family and friends to gather together to enjoy our food and service for events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, showers, baptisms and weddings. Our Blue Island location includes 3 banquet rooms which can accommodate from 20 to 150 guests.

2004 – Franchising

As Beggars Pizza continued to serve its customers the very best, franchising became an appropriate strategy for expansion. We began franchising in 2004 and now you, along with other franchisees, can continue to grow the tradition that Angelo so proudly started.